I need a test environment

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Hi there.

I have subscribed to your unlimited cPanel plan and was wondering what is the best way to setup a test environment?
I am using Drupal 7.

Basically, all I need is to have a copy of the website for testing purposes – testing modules before I apply them to the production website.

What is the best way to approach it?

Also, do you support Git and Drush? We use it for deployment and other stuff, such as backups and database sync.


We have explained it in our article 4 steps to create and use Dev and Test environments in cPanel for Drupal.

All cPanel accounts come with Drush, Git, Composer, Drupal console and many other useful tools.

You also may explore the way to create a drush alias for your test site, this way you could sync your other environment (for example local development environment) to your test or even production website.

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