Drupal console support in cPanel

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I have a cPanel account with you guys, we use Drupal 8 and I was wondering if you support Drupal console?

Do you also allow SSH login into my cPanel account?


All our cPanel servers are setup with Drupal console support. In order to use it, configure SSH access to your account using private and public keys, described in details here.

Keep in mind that we use custom SSH port, which is available from your Hosting account welcome email – the email you received upon your account activation.

Once you SSH into your account – just try calling drupal to see if the Drupal console works.

In some cases, Drupal console may fail to execute and the process gets killed. To resolve this problem, go to PHP Selector and deactivate.

This is the screenshot of PHP Selector: https://www.evernote.com/l/AKEVACNXVBFKn734KjeMacKPBPMcasNAEOg

And this one shows how the PHP extensions page looks like:

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