I’ve been getting emails about “Hosting account resources exceeded” – what does this mean?

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Hi, I’ve been getting emails about “Hosting account resources exceeded” over the last few days for one of the sites I manage.

Logging into cPanel all usage appears normal, although it appeared to have a fault at 11:59 pm last night.

I don’t know how to read these numbers further, so I’m unsure on whether anything is actually going wrong or not. Can you see why I’m getting these notifications?



You were receiving the “Hosting account resources exceeded” emails to notify you that some limits were reached, such as CPU, RAM or IOPS limits.

In most cases, it does not cause your website to stop working, but it may slow down its delivery. In rare cases – when your account needs a lot more resources than it currently has allocated – your website visitors may see the “508 resource limit reached” page.

The limits are enforced by the CloudLinux and are explained in greater details in our documentation article CloudLinux hardware resources cap. LVE and CageFS.

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